Crossgates Primary School

Kiln Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 3HB

01706 654573

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Best Buds

These are our new Best Buds.

They are year 6 children who have been trained to help with younger children around school and what a wonderful help they are!

Well done to you all for becoming Best Buds and completing the training.



School Council

The school also has a "School Council" which aims to give the children a forum for sharing ideas about the running of the school.


Welcome to our 2015/16 school council. We have elected 16 members.

Each class, from Robins to Owls, has elected members. All were chosen using a ballot box on election day after many speeches and lots of canvassing!


We hold meetings every week and discuss important issues. We raise money for charity and for the development of our playground.