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Start of the School Day

19 April 2018 (by admin)

Start of the School Day

As you know we have reviewed safety in school throughout the year and we have set up extra systems to ensure your children’s safety. Unfortunately, we are living in an uncertain world with different challenges. The last area we need to look at is first thing in the morning, parts of school are congested. As some parents have already commented, anyone could mingle into the crowd. I have already mentioned this week that we have more children than ever in school and therefore more Parents and Carers. We are extremely vigilant, but we want to be even safer and safeguard your children. The hoax email we received last week was about the start of the school day and I’m not prepared to take any chances. We are probably one of the only schools left with an open door policy in the morning and I’m afraid this will now stop. I know it will be very unpopular and I am sorry to do this, but from Monday children will be dropped off at their class doors and teachers will greet them into school. This will just be like it is at home time, which works extremely well. It won’t make school any less welcoming. Teachers or teaching assistants will be outside to greet your children and you will still be able to speak to them if you need to. If you need a long conversation then appointments will be made at a mutually convenient time. Your children are independent and more than capable of coming into school on their own, many already do. I am positive it is something we will all get used to very quickly. The Finch unit: • Rosefinch will now enter and leave their class through their fire door. • Greenfinch will now enter and leave their class through their fire door. • Goldfinch will now enter through the fire door on the side of the Finch unit. All the children will be shown this so they know what to do. This will ease congestion into the Finch unit and give a more personal start and end to the day. Year six will be the only children who enter through the main Finch doors. Family lunches, being invited to assemblies and sports days will all continue. I do appreciate your support in this matter and apologise if you feel bombarded with letters this week.