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Medicines In School

10 May 2018 (by Linda McGuigan (admin))

Updated procedure for administering medicines in school.

Following updated guidelines, we have updated our policy on administering medication during the school day. In most circumstances, medication (eg. antibiotics) prescribed three times a day, should be taken at home – before school, after school and before bedtime. However, if medication is prescribed four times a day, to be administered during the school day, clear written instructions must be provided and the medicine must be kept in a properly labelled container. The label must be clear and free from alterations or defacement and must show: • The name of the medication • The name of the student • The dosage • Specific directions for the medication (not simply “as directed” or “as required”) • Precautions relating to the medication (eg “caution, may cause drowsiness” or “store in a refrigerator”) • The name of the dispensing pharmacist/doctor • The expiry date and the date of issue The use of non-prescribed medication is not allowed, but I recognise that very occasionally pain relief may be required as an emergency. Paracetamol is the only non-prescribed pain relieving medication which may be administered and only by a member of staff when verbal consent has been obtained to verify that no other medication has been taken in the previous four hours. Without this consent, Paracetamol cannot be administered. Students with asthma, diabetes and epilepsy will continue to take their medication as normal. Please note these changes will come into effect from Monday, 14th May. If your child currently has any non-prescription medicine in school, please collect as soon as possible. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in calling into school.