Crossgates Primary School

Kiln Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 3HB
Contact: Mrs. J. Norton - Headteacher
Mrs. L. Richards - Business Manager
Deals with queries from parents and other members of the public
Mrs. L. McGuigan - School Administrator
Tel: 01706 654 573
Mrs. E. McMahon - Deputy Head/ SEND Co-Ordinator





Mrs J Norton Mrs E McMahon                               Mr J Patterson

Head Teacher

Deputy Head/SENco                        Assistant Head Teacher    






Miss M Burke                              

Mrs A Nolan                                Mrs K. Gibbons
Teacher                                    Teaching Assistant                     Learning Support







Mrs K Berry

 Mrs E McMahon                       Mrs T Morrissey

Mrs M Lesiw                          Mrs. J. Burke 

Miss C. Gardiner

Teacher Teacher                             HL Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant         Learning Support           Teaching Assistant




Justine Davies                        
Mrs E McMahon Mrs. J. Davies      Mrs. S. Jebb
Teacher Teacher                                            Teaching Assistant




Greenfinch Goldfinch Rosefinch

Mrs L Farnsworth                      Mrs. J. Dry

(Unit Leader)

Miss N Mamman Miss L Clayton 
Teacher                                      Teacher Teacher  Teacher




Mrs S Whittaker Mrs A Millington                                        Mrs N Beard Mrs. S. Meadowcroft
Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant                            Learning Support Teaching Assistant




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Mr J Patterson Mrs J Tonge Miss. J. Staniczenko
Teacher Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant
Assistant Head Teacher




Mrs C Whittaker Miss L McIntosh
Teacher Teaching Assistant




Mrs N Kapler Miss C Hewitt
Teacher Teaching Assistant




Owls Owls 2



Miss V Bolton                          Mrs S Hall                          Mrs E Doggett 
Teacher                                 Teacher                                   Teaching Assistant




And Also .....
Mrs F Hanson Mrs J James
French Teacher Music Teacher



School Office


Mrs L Richards      Mrs A L McGuigan
Business Manager

           School Administrator     





Before / After School Club



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Mrs S Whitaker Mrs E Doggett Mrs J Tonge         Miss D Clarke




Miss E Farrow Mrs T Ryan Mrs N Beard



















Lunchtime Supervisors


Miss E Farrow Mrs D Clarke    Mrs S Cox          Miss J Sutcliffe

Principal Supervisor


 Mrs G Mottershead Mrs V Rush Miss K Armstrong          




Mr T Sloan        Mrs V Rush      Mrs T Ryan        Mrs M Whaley
Caretaker        Cleaner      Cleaner        Cleaner
Mrs S Johnson       Mrs C Fieldhouse    Mrs T Ryan  
Cook      Catering Asistant        Catering Asistant
Mr P Barlow