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Knowledge Organisers

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 Finch Unit - Knowledge Organiser
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 Owls & Owls 2 - Knowledge Organiser
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SCIENCE Y1 AutumnTerm b Knowledge organiser Seasons Autumn.docxAutumn 2022

Year 1







Summer 2021 


Year 1

ART - Y1 Summer Term a Sculptures and Collages.docx

COMPUTING Y1 Summer Term a Knowledge Organiser Unit 1.7 Coding.pdf

COMPUTNG Y1 Summer Term b Knowledge Organiser Unit 1.8 Spreadsheets v2.pdf

D&T Y1 Summer Term a Knowledge Organiser Textile and Puppets.docx

GEOGRAPHY Y1 Summer Term a Knowledge Organiser Australia.docx

HISTORY Y1 summer

SCIENCE Y1 Summer Term a Knowledge organiser Seasons Spring.docx

SCIENCE Y1 Summer Term b Knowledge organiser Animals.docx


Year 2 & 3

Art- Craft knowledge organiser.docx

Australia- Aboriginal People Knowledge organiser.docx

Australia Knowledge organiser.docx

Australia- Daintree Rainforest.docx

Captain James Cook.docx

Christopher Columbus.docx

Computing - Knowledge Organiser Unit 3.6 - Branching Databases.pdf

D&T mechanical systems pneumatic toys.docx

Science - Investigating Living Things.docx


Year 4 & 5

Art - Summer 1st.docx

Design Tech - Cushions - Summer 1st.docx

History Stone Age Knowledge Organiser Summer 1st.docx

Geography Knowledge Organiser Summer 1st.docx

Knowledge Organiser Unit 4.7 - Effective searching 1st.pdf

Knowledge Organiser Unit 4.8 - Hardware Investigators 2nd.pdf

Science Living things Knowledge Organiser 1st.docx

Science Sound knowledge organiser 2nd.docx



Year 6

Art photography.docx

DT Waistcoat Knowledge organiser.docx

Knowledge Organiser Unit 6.6 - Networks.pdf

Mapwork summer 1.docx

Science evolution knowledge organiser.docx

Tudors Knowledge organiser.docx